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My Name is Douglas Moody and I have been in the Information Technology field for more than 18 years. The job titles I have held include Database Administrator, Senior Systems Analyst and Information Services Manager. My employers include fortune 500 companies, local "Mom & Pop" shops and everything in between. My track record shows that I consistently exceed all my customers expectations and I love the feeling of knowing I made someone's job easier and better than it was before.
What I can do for You:

Process Automation: Get the feeling that things are taking too long to complete. Chances are you are correct. There are faster and better ways to complete a task. I can help you identify where you can improve your process and save you time and money. In my work with large corporations, I was able to save millions of dollars with a single project. In my work with smaller companies, I was able to save them hours a day so they could either spend more time responding to customers needs or expanding their businesses.

Database: Nothing can hurt productivity more than a poorly designed database. I can review your design, review how you use the database and make recommendations to improve the design, indexing and stored procedures. I can also assist you in mining the data you have to open up marketing opportunities or maintain contact with your customer base.

Programming: Whether you have an existing application that you wish had some new functionality or have this great idea for creating a new application from scratch, I can help you bring your idea to life. I have a strong working knowledge of 14 computer languages and I strive to learn more when I find a need for it. I can create or modify stand alone and web applications.

Personal Computer: Think you have a computer virus? Wish you had more hard drive space? Wish your computer would run a little faster? Let me take a look. I can help you install new hardware, troubleshoot existing hardware and review any other issues you are having with your computer. I can also help you determine the best computer to meet your needs if you are in the market for a new one.

Media Services: Have that special mix of music on cassette tape or vinyl record? Have some home movies on VHS and wish they were on DVD? Need help taking out parts of an audio file or video file for a website or just so you can email it? Need help converting or editing photos? I can help you. I will only say this: If you don't own the rights to the material, I will not be able to help you due to copyright laws. I will ask you to prove you have rights to the material before any services will be completed.

Training: I can train individuals or classrooms on a multitude of subjects. This includes, but not limited to, how to use some of the most popular software titles, how to do your own PC maintenance, how to data mine, and how to use my methods for process automation.

I can do for you what I have done in several companies and I can promise you that you won't be disappointed in the outcome. Contact me today about your needs.

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